Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Message from the President

We would like to express our appreciation for your continuous support.

P·G·W Precision Granite W Co. Ltd. (P·G·W) was established in 1997 as a manufacturer specializing in stone processing, such as stone surface plates and jigs using stone (Granite). We manufacture equipment bases, surface plates, jigs, etc., mainly in the FPD industry, which has extremely high stone polishing technology and requires large and high-precision granite, and have been praised for their quality and service. We also design and develop high-precision unit devices that combine a granite base with stages, linear motors, guides, encoders, etc., to meet customer specifications.

Since its foundation, we have constantly strived to raise customer satisfaction and become a company loved by them. We are aiming to become a partner trusted by our customers through quality, price, delivery, service, speedy correspondence, etc., so that we can carry out consistent operations from procurement of high-quality stones to processing, design, manufacturing, and maintenance at our customers' sites.

In 2021, we became a member of PI Japan Co., Ltd., which is a market leader in ultra-precision positioning products using piezo-electrics, and we believe that this will become an important base responsible for the design, development, and manufacturing of equipment for customers requested by subsidiaries of PI (Physik Instrumente) in the Asian region as well as in Japan. High accuracy positioning plays an important role in increasing the performance and added value of machines and equipment. By combining the knowledge of both companies, we will be able to offer more solutions than ever before.

We will continue to aim to become a company that our customers trust even more with pride and confidence based on our manufacturing technology and trust that we have built up over many years.
We look forward to your continuous support and encouragement.

Characteristics of Our Company

  1. The porphyry rock (commonly known as black granite) is made of carefully selected natural stones from India and South Africa, and we choose the stone type according to your application.
  2. We always have 5000 x 3000 class stones in stock and provide short delivery times through integrated production from cutting to product completion.
  3. Flat, parallel and right angle accuracy guarantee values meet customer needs.
  4. We perform modification, alteration, and maintenance of stone products.
  5. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from development to design, manufacture and installation of precision stages, precision measuring equipment and manufacturing facilities. We provide custom solutions that best meet your needs.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
P·G·W Precision Granite W Co. Ltd.
Head Office
1053-1 Miyashiro, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-2124
Yoro Plant
267-1 Murohara Ogurisu, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun, Gifu 503-1301
Tokyo Office
17F, Solid Square West Building, 580 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0013
TEL +81 44-742-6200 FAX +81 44-742-6630
December 18, 1997
Raymond Quek, Representative Director
Business Description
Development and design of precision stone products and system equipment, manufacture and sales of precision stone products such as stone surface plates, stone jigs, stone machine bases, stone precision sliders, and transportation, precision adsorption plates, curling repairs, import and sales of precision stone-related products, import and sales of granite.
Capital Stock
49.5 million yen
Number of Employees
20 persons
The Area of the Plant
Site 2215㎡ / Plant 1456㎡ / Office(combined dining area)262㎡
Plant Facility
For more information
Tokyo Office Facilities
SOLIDWORKS Professional 5 units
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 1 unit


December 1997
P·G·W Precision Granite W Ltd., established with capital of 5.5 million yen
June 1998
Decision made to build a plant in Ampachi-cho, Gifu Prefecture with capital increased to 14.5 million yen / Construction of a thermo-hygrothermal room (8000x4000)
July 1998
Change to P·G·W Precision Granite W Co. Ltd.
February 1999
Capital increased to 16.5 million yen
September 1999
Expansion of CNC precision surface grinder
January 2000
Construction of precision assembly room
February 2000
Purchase of laser length measuring instrument
December 2000
Acquisition of a plant in Tarui-cho(Site area 2215 ㎡, Plant area 1016 ㎡) / Capital increase to 33 million yen
March 2001
New Gate Machinery Center / 2 Constant Temperature and Humidity Rooms (18000 x 5400, 10000 x 5400)
April 2001
Capital increase to 49.5 million yen
May 2001
Equipment transferred to Tarui Plant
April 2004
With the expansion of the Tarui Plant(440 ㎡), a constant temperature and humidity room / Gate Machinery Center were built
September 2006
New movable constant temperature and humidity room (10,000 x 7000)
May 2008
New Constant Temperature and Humidity Room
September 2008
New Constant Temperature and Humidity Room
January 2015
Tokyo office opened / New SOLIDWORKS Professional 2015, 3 / New SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 2015, 1
August 2017
Tokyo Office Relocated / Tsuzuki ku, Yokohama⇒Naka ku, Yokohama
January 2019
Opened Yoro Plant
January 2019
Introduction of ultraprecision polishing machine
February 2021
Transfer of shares to PI Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH, a German capital company, and become a part of the Group.
June 2022
Tokyo Office Relocation / Naka-ku, Yokohama ⇒ Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki

Selected Production Area and Stone Materials

Production Areas in South Africa
Production Areas in India
Stone Stock in Japan

P·G·W carefully selects the types of stones, directly importing Granite from production areas such as South Africa and India, and always keeping stock in Japan.

Granite used in stone surface plates has different features depending on the production area, so we propose the most suitable stone type according to the application.

Integrated production from cutting to product completion at our two plants in Gifu allows us to meet short delivery times.


Head Office・Plant

1053-1 Miyashiro, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-2124
Tel. +81 584-24-2021 FAX. +81 584-24-2022
E-mail :

Yoro Plant

267-1 Murohara Ogurisu, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun, Gifu 503-1301

Tokyo Office

17F, Solid Square West Building, 580 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0013
TEL +81 44-742-6200 FAX +81 44-742-6630

Image Source: OSAKA Building Landscape

Plant Facilities

Gated Machinery Center / Maximum Dimensions 5500x3200x500
Constant Temprature and Humidity Room

List of Plant Facilities

  • Gated Machinery CenterMaximum Dimensions = 5500 x 3200 x 500 Compatible4 Units
  • CNC Precision Surface Grinder1 unit
  • Sliding Polishing1 unit
  • Ultra-Precision Polisher (Flatness 3 μm/m, straightness 1 μm/m)Maximum Dimensions = up to 4500 x 1500 x 6001 set
  • Constant temperature and humidity room21700×5450 23 °C ± 1 °C 50%±2%1 set
  • Constant temperature and humidity room8000×6000 23 °C ± 1 °C 50%±2%1 set
  • Laser Length Measuring Instrument1 set
  • Plane, Straight Accuracy Measuring Instrument (MDC Measuring System)Sensitivity: 1 μm/1 m1 set
  • Rectangular Measuring Instruments4 sets
  • Photoelectric Autocollimator2 sets

Processing ・ Wrapping ・ Inspection

(1) Polishing Process
(2) Special Polishing & Processing
(3) Hand Wrap
(4) Flatness & Straightness Measurement
(5) Products