Ultra-Precision Polishing Processing

For ceramics, granite and various metals.
We provide planar polishing for long and large workpieces.

Machine Appearance and Specifications

Processing Maximum Size 4500x1500x600
Accuracy Flatness 3μm/m, Straightness 1μm/m
Target Material SS, FC, SC, Various Metals, Ceramics, Granite, etc.
Maximum Load Weight 5t

Example of Metal Processing

Verification of Hyperplane Processing of Carbon Copper (S55C)
Flatness: 1.1 μm / Size: 2488 x 1440 / Measuring Device: Level

Example of Granite Processing

Size: 3000 x 1500 x 400 / Measuring Device: Level
Surface Plate Dimensions and Accuracy Table

Example of Ceramics Processing

Long objects (beams, rails) up to 4.5m can be processed.

Straightness : < 1µm/1000mm

Long and large workpieces up to 4500 x 1500 x 600mm for ceramics, granite and various metals.
Single or double crowning and horizontal crowning are possible.
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